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  • 02-9556537, 9559219

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Union Insurance Company Limited has been incorporated as a public Limited Company under Company Act 1994 and obtained the Certificate of Commencement from the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and firm, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The Chief Controller of Insurance, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has also accorded registration to transact all classes of General Insurance Business and we are in this sector since 24th August, 2000 and acquired good name over a short period of our existence. 

Capital Structure: 
The Capital Structure of the Company is as follows:

1. Authorized Capital : Tk. 100,00,00,000.00 
2. Paid up Capital       : Tk.
19, 24, 06,500.00

The Company is staffed by very experienced ad technically qualified personal poise to offer best of protection and services to our valued Clients. Our Chief Executive Officer Mr. Talukder Md. Zakaria Hossain has long 26 years of Insurance experience. 

Management List : 


Talukder Md. Zakaria Hossain

-          Managing Director &

Chief Executive Officer.


Mr. Iqbal Rashidi, LLB, MBA, ABIA

-          Deputy Managing Director & 

Company Secretary.


Mr. Md.  Abdur Rahim

-          Executive Vice President & In-Charge

Branch Control Department.


Mr. Anisul Islam Khan

-          Executive Vice President & In-Charge

Audit & Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  


Mr. Ashraful Haque

-          Executive Vice President 

Administration Department.


Mr. Mohd. Azad Hossain

-          Senior Vice President & In-Charge

Claims & Re-Insurance Department.


Mr. Mahfuz Uddin Ahmed

-          Vice President & In-Charge

IT Department.  


Ms. Bilkis Khanam

-          Vice President

Underwriting Department. 


Mr. Amir Hossain Talukder

-          Assistant Vice President

Underwriting Department.

Re-Insurance Protection: 
We have executed Re-Insurance Treaty with Sadharan Bima Corporation and have obtained adequate Re-Insurance coverage from them. Our Business is fully protected under the said cover and therefore, we are in a position to underwrite any amount of risk with confidence.

Claim Settlement:
Our Company always attaches topmost importance on prompt settlement of Claim.

Credit Rating:
WASO Credit Rating Company (BD) Ltd. has assigned Rating to Union Insurance Company Ltd is as A1.